Here are some answers to common questions we have received. If you have another question, please email us =)

Where can I stay in Gainesville?

Here is a list of possible locations you can stay in the Gainesville area:

Can I transfer my bib to a friend?

Yes, you can do that before the race is sold out. Once the race is sold out, there will be no transfers.

How difficult is the course?

There are sections that have some roots and elevation change. Some would call these sections technical, however, there are long sections of very runnable double-track trails.

What is the total elevation gain?

You will gain about 500 feet in the 25k and 1,000 feet in the 50k.

How much of the course is single track vs double track?

As a rough estimate, the course is about 60% double track and 40% single track with over 80% of the course being well shaded.